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3 Things You’ll Have to Wait on During a Remodel

3 Things You’ll Have to Wait on During a Remodel

It’s generally well-known that remodels can be time consuming. Planning, executing, cleaning up afterwards — it all takes time, time and more time. Here are the three things that you should expect to take longer than anything else.

1. Custom cabinetry.

Definitely a dream come true, cabinetry that is made to your exact specifications is an upgrade that takes your home from good to great. Well, as you well know, great comes with a price—and not just financially. It takes time to physically produce the cabinets. After all, custom cabinetry is built to order, from scratch. That’s why it’s important to hammer out all of the details for the cabinetry before the start of the project. That way, the cabinets can be built as you work on everything else leading up to their installation.

Be prepared that if you request a specialty wood for your custom cabinet project, there is a possibility that your cabinet company might not keep it on hand and must source it, which means adding even more time.

No matter what the situation, be sure to communicate clearly with your design team and adjust your plan accordingly so that you allow plenty of time to get the cabinets built and ready for installation on schedule.

2. Made-to-order Windows and Doors.

Since newer, more energy-efficient windows are now gaining popularity with homeowners, it sometimes requires ordering specialty-size windows. Handling it this way, as opposed to adjusting the window opening to accommodate a standard sized replacement window, is typically an easier fix since you won’t have to do any additional construction to enlarge or reduce the size of the opening.

However, custom-made windows and doors are not just for direct replacement windows. There are some amazing specialty and made-to-order window and door options on the market that will take your breath away. All of them worth the wait for a custom build.

3. Lead Times on Specialty Items.

The term “specialty items” is vague, but there are a wide range of items out there other than the big-ticket items listed above that have lead times.

A good example is if you request a different finish on plumbing fixtures or hardware other than the basic nickel, chrome and brass. Chances are, you’re going to have to wait for them.

Another example would be anything handcrafted, such as hand-blown glass pendants or a hand-carved wood breakfast nook. The more customized you make your remodel, the longer it can take.

Of course, this does not mean you should hold back on creating the space you’ve always dreamed of; it simply means that you should have realistic expectations. Remodelers may choose to start your project a little later so that they can place the order for the specialty items ahead of time, or may have a little lag in work occasionally to accommodate the lead times on your custom pieces.

The most important thing to remember is that anything custom needs careful scheduling so that the lead times are built into the project, as opposed to them becoming a huge obstacle. Customization may be a little more work and require more time, but it is most certainly worth it. Custom touches are what transform a regular cookie-cutter home into a dream home.

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