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5 Clever Ways to Make Use of the Space Under Your Stairs

5 Clever Ways to Make Use of the Space Under Your Stairs

Use these ideas to turn that spare space under your staircase into a cozy little haven that you can’t help but use.

Reading Nook

By installing a built-in bed in that niche space, you’ll not only have a cute little reading nook at your disposal, but also a spare bed for when guests come to visit. It’s a perfect place for a little one to settle in and call their own for their time with you. Consider including storage space beneath the bed for extra linens or another purpose. Warm up the space with a cute rug and a comfy chair and side table.

Work Station

Another great idea is to turn this awkward space into a quiet spot to do schoolwork or take care of work-from-home responsibilities. By making it inviting and stylish, your new office area will inspire your family to actually want to get their work done! In most cases, all you need is a little paint, a rug, a desk and chair, and some attractive wall art.

Play Space

Give your young children a dedicated play area — especially if their rooms are small or in a part of the house that is hard to monitor. Must-haves include bookshelves, toys, and a chalkboard, along with a sitting area with kid-size chairs and a small table. You’ll know you got it right when the kids play peacefully for hours at a time.

Bar Area

If you have a good amount of room available under your staircase, consider installing a set of cabinets with a countertop, and open shelving above to accommodate your bottles, glasses, trays and other barware. If space is sparse, use the area as a spot to stash a chic bar cart. You can still decorate the area with floating shelves and a little cabinet with appropriate accessories, but the cart brings mobility and takes up very little room.

Pet Zone

Most pets appreciate their own personal space where they can lounge and be surrounded by their own special things. Convert this awkward niche under the stairs for your family’s furry friend by including a bed, food bowls, and a storage area for toys, treats and other belongings. Make it cute and cozy with a little paint and some pet-specific decor.

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