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9 Valuable Ways to Update Your Home’s Most-Used Spaces

9 Valuable Ways to Update Your Home’s Most-Used Spaces

Make the most of your home’s high-traffic areas — think hallways, entryways and great room — with these updates that add instant value.

1. Upgrade Your Front Door

In addition to increasing security and energy efficiency, a new front door is a great way to add style — indoors and out. For example, an entry door featuring an overhead transom and sidelights is chic and helps increase natural light in spaces that tend to be dark.

2. Add Trendy Hooks

A wall-mounted coat rack or row of hooks installed just above eye level in your entryway will definitely inject a dose of decorative flair. Even better, it’ll keep hats and jackets orderly and conveniently within reach as you head out the door.

3. Create a Key Drop Station

Don’t fret if you’re dealing with limited space. A simple floating shelf (hung about 30 inches from the floor) or shallow table, decorated with a small lamp and appropriate accessories, looks good and makes a perfect spot to toss your keys and stash the mail when you get home.

4. Include a Hard-Wearing Runner

A wonderful way to add color and personality to an entryway, a pretty runner also protects the floor from heavy foot traffic. Choose a softer rug for hallways that are in close proximity to bathrooms or bedrooms so that it’s comfy on bare feet. For entryways or spaces near exterior doors, pick a runner that is not only durable, but made from an easy-to-clean material.

5. Install a Statement Fixture

Upgrading your light fixtures with affordable ones that complement the style of your home is an effective way to enhance an ordinary staircase or hallway. When installing the fixture, be sure it’s hung so that there is at least seven feet of clearance underneath.

6. Update Your Flooring

When it comes to flooring, quality hardwood or tile that is durable works well in high-traffic areas. Real wood is a gorgeous option that makes a great first impression on visitors. Plus, it can be refinished, which is easier on the wallet than a complete flooring replacement. Just be sure your flooring is durable enough for the amount of traffic it will see — including from kids and pets.

7. Make Use of Wall Space

Sometimes a long, narrow hallway can be tricky to decorate. Consider using those large spans of wall space to make a statement by hanging a selection of your favorite wall art. Not only will the display bring joy to you and your guests as you journey down the hallway, it’ll actually create the illusion of more living space.

8. Makeover the Staircase

Many homeowners don’t realize they can upgrade a contractor-grade staircase that typically features basic railings, standard trim and cut-pile carpet. Want a more high-end, designer look? Consider staining the banisters and rails to match the floors and replacing the carpet with a patterned sisal runner. You can also incorporate shades of semigloss paint that match the walls.

9. Add Unpredictable Storage

If you have the space on your upstairs landing, consider adding a chest of drawers or console for a unique and stylish storage solution. Pairing it with a mirror will help keep light bouncing around and make the area feel more spacious.

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