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Emerging Decorating Trends

5 Emerging Decorating Trends for 2019

In the home décor world, January is known as a “market month” as thousands of designers, store owners and decorating aficionados take part in three major home furnishing markets across the U.S. This year’s January market month is proving to be an interesting one! Here are five standout trends we’re seeing emerge:

A wide range of natural and nature-inspired textures are dominating the markets, which is exciting news for home design. Textures bring neutrally decorated spaces come alive! Especially popular are shell textures, bone inlay, faux horn, small furniture wrapped in raffias and linens, and hair-on-hide upholstered seating.

Deep jewel-toned velvets on pillows and upholstered furniture are pervasive as well. Emerald green and sapphire blue are favorites, with ruby pink and topaz yellow also showing popularity. Raised velvet patterned fabrics, or “high-low velvet,” are also very popular.

Whether found in the curves of an elegant sofa, the rounded slopes of the arms of an armchair, or the wingback shape of a headboard, curves are in. We saw hints of this last year, but now there is no denying those strict, straight lines have finally given way to something softer.

Everyone likes a story behind a product, and this year it is proving especially important. There is a definite trend toward handcrafted items and more artful pieces. If those items are made of materials sustainably sourced, even better.

While rich color is big this year, the exact opposite is also true. Many people are getting back to the basics, choosing simple, neutral linens and textiles in classic whites that lend a relaxed European feel to a space.

Overall, it is apparent that the dominant styles of the last few years – American farmhouse and industrial – are no longer dominating. Rustic aged wood, rusty finishes, Edison lightbulbs and barn lights have given way to more refined European inspirations – smoother wood surfaces, tailored linen upholstery, and softer Belgian, French and Scandinavian-inspired silhouettes for chairs and sofas.

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