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Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Keep Your Space Attractive and Bright

Kitchen Curtain Ideas to Keep Your Space Attractive and Bright

Window treatments are the unsung heroes of design. They play a part in framing the entire space, controlling light, and enhancing privacy. Although often a second thought, they can be serious game-changers.

Semi-Sheer Shades

Shades are a great option to use above a countertop workspace or any area where full-length or tie-back curtains are a maintenance nuisance. In a monochromatic kitchen, go with grayscale shades for a sharp and clean look.

Floor Length Sheers

For homes with an open floor plan, where the kitchen, dining and living areas all occupy one room with big windows, floor length sheer curtains are an excellent choice. Not only will they allow for some light filtration and privacy, they’ll also work well with all the various uses of the space. As a bonus, sheers give you an extra incentive to keep the floors clean!

White Shutters

Classic, simple and versatile, choose white shutters when you need a low-maintenance window treatment that doesn’t involve any fabric. Crisp and clean looking, they will enhance just about any style, from modern to farmhouse.

Neutral Linen Shades

A subtle window treatment that allows other features in the room to take center stage, neutral linen shades create cohesion and are a perfect backdrop for botanicals. Use the same shades on multiple windows in the room to establish visual flow between the two spaces.

Printed Fabric

Give your kitchen character and personality by choosing a fun fabric for the window coverings. They can either bring cheerful color and pattern to an otherwise neutral kitchen or echo the cheeriness of a more vibrant space.

Woven Shades

For more light-sensitive kitchens, woven shades allow just enough light to filter in so that a soft flow is emitted throughout the space. Make use of color and materials to enhance the kitchen’s style and purpose.

Ruched Roman Shades

When paired with curtains, ruched Roman shades give a polished and refined touch to a room. For best effect, be sure to choose a curtain color and fabric that radiates the right light. For example, pink sheers cast a nice, rosy radiance.

Matching Shades

Make your linens work together by matching your curtains with the dish towels. Pops of bold color can brighten up the entire room. Echo a color in the countertop to embolden it and make the room feel fresh and more intentional.

Classic White Shades

For a graphic pop without the hassle of searching for specialty shades, consider painting your interior window casings black and installing classic white shades. To further the bright and open feel of the space, consider adding a mirrored tile backsplash.

One Shade Over Two Windows

If your room seems a bit busy visually, try stretching one shade across two windows to simplify the look. This works especially well if your curtains feature a bright color or bold print.

Half Curtains With Hooks

Hanging fabric over the top half of your windows makes for a simple, laidback look. Use hooks to easily adjust the curtains.

Leave Them Bare

With all the kitchen window treatment options available, keeping your windows bare is also a stylish and functional option in the right setting.

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